These are courses that I have taught at the University of Scranton. Please email me if you are interested in the most recent syllabus for any course.

Courses Taught (last semester taught):

Survey of Latin American Politics (Fall 2012)

War and Peace in El Salvador (Fall 2009)

Central America (Spring 2010)

United States – Latin American Relations (Spring 2012)

International Relations (Fall 2009)

September 11, 2001 and Beyond (Spring 2012)

Comparative Civil Wars (Spring 2010)

Contemporary Issues in World Politics (Spring 2010)

Research Methods (Fall 2012)

American National Government I

American National Government II

Honors Tutorials (last semester taught):

Transitional Justice (Spring 2012)

Latin American Political and Economic Development (Spring 2012)

Education and Revolution in Latin America (Spring 2011)

Democratization in Latin America (Fall 2008)

Political Violence and Terrorism (Spring 2008)

State Terrorism in Latin America (Spring 2008)

Media and Politics (Spring 2008)

Comparative Study of Political Parties and Party Systems (Fall 2007)

Islam in Global Studies (Spring 2007)

Honors Theses (Mentor)

"Now I Can Negotiate with my Husband” A Case Study of Indigenous Women’s Empowerment and the Prevention of Gender-based Violence in Puebla, Mexico (2011)

Heroic Revolutionaries? (2010)

Comparing Media Coverage of Terrorism in Madrid and Oklahoma City (2009)

Turning Away from Terror (2009)

Honors Theses (Reader)

Affirmative Action Practices with Respect to Race on the ACJU Campuses in Fall 2007 (2009)

China and India: A Conflict over Energy on the Horizon (2009)

Can a Muslim become French? (Spring 2008)

Religion and Politics in Uganda (Spring 2007)

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