Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Salvadorenas por el mundo

With all the attention on Salvadorans living in the United States, it's always interesting to learn about other Salvadorans that have relocated to other parts of the globe. El Diario de Hoy does just that with a neat interactive map of Salvadoran women throughout the world in Salvadorenas por el mundo.

You should also check out links to Updates on security stories in El Salvador and Attempt to scale back government transparency blocked that Tim provided last week.

ARENA wants President Funes to clarify Salvador Sanchez Ceren's December campaign trip to Uruguay. ARENA doesn't think that the government should have to pay for Sanchez Ceren's trip to see Pepe Mujica.

Former president Tony Saca is getting the troops back together in preparation for his run at the 2014 election. What he has going for him is that he is well-known and that he is neither ARENA nor FMLN. Actually, those are his biggest weaknesses as well.

And could Mauricio Funes return to the presidency in 2019?

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