Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Possible crime of passion in veteran's murder

Timothy Wilson has an update on the murder of Michael James Brown in El Salvador. The police have one working hypothesis for motive in the case and that is an ex-boyfriend of Nury Aquino ambushed and killed the veteran in a "crime of passion." Aquino is Brown's wife who survived the attack.

However, Aquino rejects the jealous ex scenario.
Aquino spoke out on Radio Impacto to give her version of events. She said that masked men dressed in clothing similar to that worn by the country’s national police flagged their vehicle down. Brown, thinking that it was a checkpoint, stopped, whereupon one man shot him in the neck.
“Michael told me to run,” she said. “I took the wheel and the car accelerated, but I fell, and asked the men not to shoot me, throwing my bag at them and telling them to take it.”
Aquino specifically rejected the theory that a jealous ex-boyfriend was behind the attack. She said authorities had insisted she take a lie detector test before releasing her husband’s body. This has been denied by the chief prosecutor, Herberth Herrera, who said they had been waiting for her to retrieve her husband’s remains, but she didn’t show up.
However, there are no public details to back up the "crime of passion" motive in the case. There's nothing about a bad breakup or jealous ex wanting to get her back. It also sounds pretty unusual to me that an ex-boyfriend would enlist the help of ten other people to kill Brown as well but maybe the fact that he was a US veteran played into those calculations. That doesn't mean it wasn't a crime of passion just that there's no public information to substantiate that finding.

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  1. We (Family/Friends of Brownie's Hometown) want our Veteran brought back to be laid to rest in the soil he was born on! I hope the United State's Military are helping in retrieving Brownie and bring him home soon!
    If it's a fact that his ex-wife has him in her possession and didn't show up. Go find her then arrest her for not abiding to the release of Brownie!