Friday, February 1, 2013

Perez Molina gives up war on drugs

Given President Otto Perez Molina's stance on the drug war, it's no surprise that he decided to let all drugs pass through Guatemala unobstructed.

What other explanation is there for the failure on the part of the current administration to capture much of what passes through Guatemala each day?

In ten of the fourteen areas that the PNC tracks, authorities caught less in 2012 than they did in 2011. If you can't tell, the red bars measures what Colom's administration captured during his last year in office. The blue is Perez Molina. 

David Martínez Amador wonders how these statistics will effect any US decision to decertify Guatemala as not making a strong enough effort to reduce the amount of drugs transited through the country. Guatemala was last decertified in 2003 during the Portillo years (a really terrible time).

People made fun of Colom when he highlighted the advances that the country had made in the fight against narcotrafficking - increased arrests, drug shipments and money seized, and leaders extradited - under his administration. The argument was that he was only able to accomplish those outcomes because drug trafficking had gotten so bad during his four years in office.

By that line of reasoning, the reason that OPM's administration captured so little (a 99% drop in pseudo-ephedrine and only one drug kingpin arrested!) is that there's just not much to catch, right?

Update - Here's the link to El Periodico's story. 

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