Saturday, February 16, 2013

Gerardi murderer captured following trip to dentist

From the AP
Guatemalan officials say an army captain sentenced to 20 years in prison for the slaying of a bishop has been arrested outside the facility where he was living.
Byron Lima was sentenced in 2006 along with three other men for the 1998 killing of Bishop Juan Jose Gerardi. The activist clergyman had released a report accusing Guatemala's military of being responsible for the vast majority of deaths during the country's brutal 36-year civil war.
Lima was driving an armored SUV Friday evening along with the director of the prison where he was living. Five prison guards were protecting them in a second armored vehicle.
Lima told the press he was being taken to a dental appointment. Officials said his exit from prison was not a jailbreak, but a violation of regulations.
This is the younger Byron Lima who stayed out longer than he was authorized. I imagine he'll be spending a little more time behind bars now. The prison director lost his job last night as well.

His dad, Byron Disrael Lima Estrada, was released from prison because of good behavior back in July.

Father Mario Orantes was released in January. He served a bit over half of his twenty year sentence. Church authorities are now in the process of determining whether he should be defrocked. This might take a few years and obviously leads to the question as to why the process was not begun years ago.

***Byron might not have been the only prisoner getting out on irrregular trips to the dentist and to the beach. (h/t @michaelcdeibert)

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