Saturday, February 16, 2013

Femicides in Nicaragua

From the Argentina Independent
There were 85 women killed in Nicaragua in 2012 as a result of gender violence, according to The Network of Women Against Violence (RMCV).
Although the National Police only registered 76 cases for the year, Luz Marina Torres, of the RMCV, said the organisation’s National Observatory had documented the additional cases, which included four Nicaraguan women killed in Costa Rica.
Upon releasing the figures, the RMCV in Nicaragua demanded that the government ends impunity and fully enforces the law on violence against women, which was sanctioned last June. The RMCV claims that the state commission set up to tackle the problem has not yet communicated with women’s groups, despite them playing a major role in the creation and implementation of the law.
Nicaraguan officials recorded 675 overall murders in 2012. With 76 women killed, the percentage of female victims works out to 11.3%. The percentage edges up closer to 13% if you include the women killed in Costa Rica but then I guess the denominator would have to increase as well. I have no idea how many Nicaraguan men were killed in Costa Rica last year.

That's about the same percentage, perhaps a bit higher than what recorded in Guatemala last year. The absolute number in Guatemala was obviously much higher at 560 but still interesting to see the same percentages.

While in Guatemala you have a president who denied that any massacres occurred during the civil war and that genocide did not occur while people are on trial for ordering such events, in Nicaragua you have a president widely believed to have sexually abused his stepdaughter over several years. Not exactly the guy you want in power when trying to prosecute sex crimes.

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