Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Central American Happenings

From Guatemala, the Pan-American Post has an update on Guatemala’s Corrupt Judges in the Crosshairs. A few months ago, CICIG identified eighteen judges as responsible for contributing to organized crime and impunity in the country. It's now time to find out what's going to be done about the accused.

Dana Frank has an op-ed in the Los Angeles Times addressed to Secretary of State Kerry entitled "The Latin America mistake: Memo to Secretary Kerry: Stop funding the bad guys in Honduras." I don't think that the US is about to cut Honduras off. However, given the complicity of its government officials (appointed and elected) and economic elites in organized crime and the drug trade, now seems like a good time as ever to begin discussion about creating an International Commission against Impunity in Honduras (CICIH?). CICIG in Guatemala is scheduled to expire in 2015 just in time for many of its members to move down the line to Honduras.

And in El Salvador, Voices from El Salvador has Salvadoran Legislature Reforms the Law on Access to Public Information. The FMLN, GANA and PCN pushed through a number of reforms that are thought to weaken a law designed to give Salvadorans greater access to what their government is up to. There's always some balance that needs to be maintained between a government's need to keep some of its operations secret and citizens' right to information. However, at this point, it looks like the legislation is going way too far in the direction of secrecy.

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