Thursday, December 20, 2012

Those happy Latin Americans

Gallup Inc. asked about 1,000 people in each of 148 countries last year if they were well-rested, had been treated with respect, smiled or laughed a lot, learned or did something interesting and felt feelings of enjoyment.
In Panama and Paraguay, 85 percent of those polled said yes to all five, putting those countries at the top of the list.
They were followed closely by El Salvador, Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago, Thailand, Guatemala, the Philippines, Ecuador and Costa Rica.
Looking at the complete list, Nicaragua checks in at 77%. I thought that it would be higher given what we read about economic growth, poverty reduction, and relatively low levels of crime. Seventy-seven percent doesn't seem that low except that Hondurans were even more upbeat at 79%. All are above the US which checks in at 76%. I wouldn't take the poll too seriously although it is nice to know that the world is pretty upbeat.

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