Monday, November 5, 2012

Rockaway Beach, New York

Sorry for the lack of posts. We lost power here in Pennsylvania last Monday night and didn't get it back until late Thursday evening. However, given that the temperatures in the house were in the 40s, we didn't ho home until Friday.

Aside from that, I was in Rockaway Beach, NY on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I grew up in Rockaway and it was devastated by Hurricane Sandy. My mom and aunt still live there.

I spent the time evacuating them and some of their possessions from our home and then clearing out the basement apartment which had about 7 feet of water at the height of the storm.

113th-114th Street Fire

Harbor Light on 130th and Newport Avenue (unknown number of homes burned as well)

101st Street and Rockaway Beach Boulevard
It's going to be awhile before Rockaway and Breezy Point, which is the next town over, get back on their feet. Businesses and homes burnt to the ground and/or were inundated with salt water and sewage. Even if one's home didn't suffer structural damage, it is going to need a new furnace and boiler, and, in many cases, electrical. Electrical and salt water do not mix well. Thousands of cars will also need to be replaced. Last I read, the train service will be out for several weeks, maybe months, due to bridge damage.


  1. Sorry about so much loss, glad your family is okay.

  2. Thanks. Given all the damage, we did well. How did you do with the earthquake?