Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Challenges of Party-Building in Latin America

I am off to Boston for the rest of the week to present papers at the Northeastern Political Science Association's annual meeting and at a Challenges of Party-Building in Latin America conference at Harvard University.

At the NPSA, I am presenting a paper on the long-term electoral performance of the FMLN. This is more of an extension of my paper on The Legacy of Violence on Post-Civil War Elections in Central America: El Salvador.

At the Harvard conference I am presenting a paper on internal divisions within the Central American guerrilla groups as political parties. Why did the MRS, PD, MR, PD and ANN break from the FSLN, FMLN, and URNG and why have they all failed? If you know of any good academic work looking at these questions, please forward them to me. Thanks.

The paper's aren't where I need them to be right now, but that's why I have a spring sabbatical. Drop me an email if you are going to be at either conference.

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