Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Montano case to continue

The lawyer for one of the men accused of having participated in the murder of six Jesuit priests at the UCA in November 1989, Inocente Montano, is due in a federal court in Massachusetts on Thursday.
Montano was arrested on separate immigration charges in 2011. He has been living in suburban Boston for the last decade.
Prosecutors allege that Montano made false statements when he applied to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security for a protected status in 2002. The government says Montano answered ‘‘no’’ to several questions on the application, including whether he had ever served in a military, paramilitary or police unit.
It's too early to tell what will happen to Montano. He could be found guilty of immigration fraud and deported to his native El Salvador. He could be found guilty, sentenced to jail and, upon completing his term, be deported back to El Salvador. Finally, he could be extradited to Spain where he is wanted for his participation in five of the Jesuits' murders (those of Spanish nationality) regardless of how the immigration charges pan out. 

I guess another scenario would involve Montano applying for asylum here in the US because, as a former military officer fighting against the FMLN, he might be persecuted upon his forced repatriation to the country now that the FMLN is in charge of the executive branch.

What's your thoughts? I am leaning towards deportation to El Salvador but hoping for extradition to Spain.

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