Sunday, June 17, 2012

Aponte confirmed as US Ambassador to El Salvador

On Thursday, the US Senate finally got around to confirming Mari Carmen Aponte as US Ambassador to El Salvador with a 62 to 37 vote. It sure does seem that a few Republicans changed their vote so as to improve the Republican Party's image with Puerto Ricans and Latino prior to November's election.

I would imagine that this week's successful vote was also helped because the climate of US-LA relations has quieted down a bit. Sure very few people are happy about the OAS, but when Republicans last voted on Aponte (December 2011), we were much closer to her alleged inflammatory June op-ed on gay rights and Nicaragua's fraudulent November elections.

Either way, congratulations Madam Ambassador.


  1. I won't pretend to be an expert on Ms. Aponte's qualifications. However, after a quick Google search it seems clear that she is more than qualified for the position; and, I'm sure, will do a fine job. I would rack this up to another example of Congress (in this case Republicans but often Democrats as well) wasting time on minor matters while the big issues are continually tabled and kicked down the road. Should it have really taken this long to get an ambassador confirmed for a country such as El Salvador?

  2. Members of congress would probably say that her appointment was very important and not a minor matter. They were obviously concerned with Aponte's background of having been intimate with a Cuban spy. She also wrote about the need to respect gay rights in El Salvador and elsewhere. That's the administration's policy but it is not something that all Republicans support. Then there's the fact that holding up ambassadorial nominations and allocating money are few of the tools that members of congress have to impact US policy towards LA. The hold up and her eventual confirmation had little to do with El Salvador per se.