Monday, February 6, 2012

Martyrs Cemetery Museum of the Armed Conflict

The Martyrs Cemetery Museum of the Armed Conflict recently opened in Zone 2 of Guatemala City. It is the first museum of its kind in the country that is dedicated to the victims. Helen Mack, sister of Myrna Mack, spoke at the museum's opening and said: "Many are asking us to forget the past, but that's not possible."

While the Forensic Anthropology Foundation of Guatemala currently operates the museum, they are hoping that the state takes the gallery over at some point. It's difficult to see President Perez's administration taking over the museum's operations given that he is not just asking people to forget the past but he often denies that it happened at all. However, it would be a welcomed gesture. 


  1. Hadn't seen this, thanks Mike. An interesting name for the museum as well.

  2. No problem. I'm not sure that the museum's name flows as well in English but that probably wasn't their top priority.