Monday, November 21, 2011

Femicide Continues in Guatemala

According to official statistics, seven hundred women have been murdered so far this year in Guatemala (see here and here). According to CONAPREVI, 838 women were murdered in 2010.
Therefore, if women continue to be killed at the same rate in November and December as they have been all year (an average of 70 per month), the number of victims this year will be nearly identically to last year's numbers (840).
Meanwhile, Chilean producer Sonia Demeyko stated her intention of making a documentary about Christina Siekavizza. Her disappearance was initially thought to have been a kidnapping but authorities now believe that her husband most likely killed her after an argument in July. He then fled with their two children. His mother, Beatriz Ofelia de Leon, an ex-magistrate of the Supreme Court of Guatemala, was arrested for corruption of justice in this case one month ago.

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