Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dos Erres is one of so many

I totally agree with what Sonia Pérez Díaz at Plaza Publica had to say about the Dos Erres trial. 
El caso de Dos Erres es solo una pequeña fracción no solo de las violaciones a los derechos humanos y la crueldad cometida en la guerra, sino una fracción de la gente que debe pagar por esas muertes.
La lista es larga: militares, ex militares, patrulleros civiles, ex policías y ex guerrilleros deben ser juzgados por los crímenes cometidos. Todos, absolutamente todos, los responsables deben de pagar por las muertes, violaciones, desplazamientos y no solo los ejecutores materiales, también aquellos que ordenaron tantas muertes.
The case of Dos Erres is only a small fraction not only of the human rights violations and the cruelty committed in the war, but a fraction of the people that should pay for these deaths.
The list is long: military, former military, civil patrols, former policemen and former guerrillas should be tried for crimes committed. Everyone, absolutely everyone, those responsible should pay forthe deaths, rapes, displacement and not only the material executors, but also those who ordered so many deaths.
I know that it probably sounds like I go back and forth about this, but that's not really the case.I think that all those who committed human rights violations during the war (and the postwar) should be held to account for what they did. However, not everyone is equally responsible and not every should obviously suffer the same punishment. And while it is right that these four men from the Dos Erres massacre have their day in court, I am uncomfortable with the fact that the people who trained, ordered, and rewarded them for their behavior will not.

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