Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Obama's El Salvador Trip

As I wrote before, Funes' trip to El Salvador is historic and hopefully the presence of other heads of state will not distract people from the important relationship between the US and El Salvador.

Well, Guatemalan President Alvaro Colom isn't waiting for a formal invite. He says he's going.

At least it's not all about organized crime, gangs, drug trafficking. Funes and the US will also be discussing how to better tackle poverty.


  1. This is very interesting. What do you think about the idea of creating a regional CICIG? Do you think it would work (that is, not work at all) as the Parlacen, like the editorial of elPeriódico suggested?

  2. Obviously I'd really have to carry out some extensive research to determine whether a regional CICIG is a good idea.

    Perhaps CICIG and the Guatemalan government could first solicit greater assistance from regional leaders to help the fight against impunity and organized crime emanating from Guatemala - sort of like a trial run.

    If authorities from the US, ES, Hon, Nic, CR, Pan, Bel, and the DR can effectively work together (Mexico and Colombia too?), I'd support the creation of a regional CICIG. That's at least my initial thought.

    What's your take on it?

  3. I really don't know much about this. But one thing that came to my mind when I first read about the idea of creating a regional CICIG is that it could make the groups its going after stronger. I mean, one thing we know is that "threats" unify people, and the CICIG definitely represents a threat to some. So if a regional CICIG is created, couldn't it propel a unification and organization of those who it's going after (say ex military, narcotraffickers, etc.)? I guess we would have to determine if there is some level of organization and joint efforts already between these groups in the three countries first. So I guess my initial reaction is that it's a good idea, but it might have unintended consequences.