Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Where do those helicopters come from?

The US Ambassador has requested $50,000 in emergency aid from USAID the Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance as an "initial response" to the devastation and the US government has reallocated over $4 million dollars in economic assistance to aid in recovery efforts.

No word on TPS for Guatemalans.  With our press corps asking all the tough questions, don't expect it anytime soon.  Let me just say I was pretty ticked off and leave it at that after I went to see whether Guatemala was discussed during today's State Department Briefing. 

Here's the relevant transcript from today's State Department Briefing with Assistant Secretary Phillip Crowley.  Actually it's the only time Guatemala came up.
MR: CROWLEY: ...Turning to Guatemala, obviously, we are very, very concerned about the disaster there. Over the weekend, Ambassador McFarland exercised his disaster declaration authority and requested $50,000 from USAID and the Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance as a U.S. initial response. We have since reprogrammed 4.38 million in Economic Support Funds to assist Guatemala’s recovery efforts. Our Embassy is providing helicopter support for ongoing surveillance and rescue missions, and we’ll continue to look for additional ways to provide support to the people of Guatemala.

QUESTION: Where do those helicopters come from?

MR. CROWLEY: They’re INL helicopters that are already in Guatemala.
Turning to Lesotho...
Seriously, the best you can come up with is "where do those helicopters come from?"

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  1. I wouldn't be surprised if the helicopters came from Task Force Bravo in the Soto Cano (Palmerola) air force base in Honduras. I think the US sees its presence there in response to drug trafficking and responding to natural disasters.