Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Guatemalan Victims

Five Guatmalans were found among the 72 migrants killed in Mexico last week.  Gelder Lizardo Boche was one of the Guatemalans killed.  He leaves behind an eighteen year old wife, Yéssica Esmeralda Catalán, who is three months pregnant.

Gelder dreamed of traveling to the US in hopes of earning enough money to buy a house and a car.  However, he didn't leave until his wife became pregnant.  He told her that a family couldn't live on 50Q picking beans.  He borrowed money and then set out for California.

Yéssica who says that she has never heard of the Zetas is now a widow at 18. 

Several stories have noted that the number of migrants killed by gangs in Mexico is most likely much higher.  In the days following the discovery of the 72 deaths, relatives came forward seeking information on missing loved ones.
hundreds of people [who] streamed to government offices in Central America after news of the massacre spread, searching for news of relatives who went missing after setting out through Mexico hoping to reach the United States.
In the overwhelming majority of cases, family members' descriptions did not match the bullet-ridden bodies found in heaps at a ranch in the state of Tamaulipas. Instead, rights workers say, the missing migrants may be part of a huge toll of hundreds, and perhaps thousands, of migrants killed by organized crime gangs and whose bodies may have been hacked up, dissolved in acid or buried in unmarked paupers graves.
Relatives have come forward asking for information on missing family members including 200 Hondurans, 30 Guatemalans, and 90 Salvadorans.

Ecuadoran President Correa recently announced that there was a second survivor to the massacre.  A Honduran somehow escaped unharmed, was returned to Honduras, and is now in a witness protection program.  Authorities are not too happy with Correa right now for revealing this secret.

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  1. Hey Mike, first of all, i love your blog (because i am Guatemalan and you deliver great news that concern me). Putting that aside. Yes! it is very saddening to see all these killings in Mexico. Things have gotten out of control because the Mexican Government does not stresses enough the safely of all these people coming from South and Central America. EVERY person that crosses the border has only one goal in mind. Make money and go back to their family but unfortunately many people do not reach their goal. In Guatemala it is not possible to live on Q50 a day which is roughly about $4 (that is a LOT of money in Guatemala by the way). Speaking about gangs, they are the most dangerous people in Central America. Guatemala is infested with these thugs and they are the reason why I had to move to the US. A week before moving to the US i was given an ultimatum. Either I became a member of MS 13 or they would kill me. While I was being threatened I had a 9mm gun in my forehead. I swore to them that I would become another member, another disgrace to the Guatemalan society but instead, I took the next plane to the US. I did not want to become one of them because I had planned something different for my future. I know what all these people have been through. All of them come from a poor country, from a country that does not have much to offer them, what is their fault? No, it is the system’s. Back there, they all have a dream and it is the North, The Promised Land, the promised dream, the dream that once here becomes more and more difficult to accomplish due to the barriers most of them have to face. Think of the life of an immigrant as a journey with the most difficult obstacles you can find, and guess what? Most of them overcome these barriers. The reason? They have determination, they have suffered, they hate their financial status back home. They are willing to leave their family and friends behind and start over again so that one day they don't have to go back and live in the same misery. They do it for themselves, for the kids, for their future. God Bless America and its immigrants and the Americans that support them.