Monday, August 2, 2010

The Rosenberg Murder / Suicide - A Necessary Distraction

Francisco Goldman (author of "The Art of Political Murder") gave an interview with Foreign Policy en Espanol where he stated that CICIG's months long investigation into Rosenberg's murder/suicide affected CICIG's ability to investigate organized crime in the country, specifically the involvement of high level officials in the PNC and the army.  

I think that he's absolutely right.  While I believe that CICIG has done some really important work (the Rosenberg case, Zacapa massacre, and Portillo), I'm not sure how successful it has been at dismantling the hidden powers that it was tasked with disrupting. 

I can imagine CICIG officials sitting around a conference table with an organizational chart of the country's organized crime "families" - leadership, foot soldiers, bribed judges, prosecutors, congressmen, government officials, and police, the familiy's criminal activities and legal fronts, etc. 

When you start to cross off the people arrested, the criminal activities interrupted, and the legal business confiscated, I'm not really sure how much of a dent CICIG has made.  Investigating the Rosenberg murder was necessary, but how much did it distrct from CICIG's original work?  How much can we expect over the next thirteen months?  The low fruit hanging fruit can easily be replaced.

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