Thursday, August 26, 2010

Good News for Guatmala

3,500 people recently voted on the Lonely Planet Awards and one site in Guatemala made the list - Tikal.  The Mayan ruins were voted the "greatest historical experience" finishing ahead of the more well-known Taj Mahal and Egyptian Pyramids.

In other news, the USA Today Science section had a really interesting article on the Mayans earlier in the week.  Archaeologists working at Kiuic on the Yucutan Peninsula of Mexico are more convinced than ever that the Mayans there rapidly abandoned the area.  
The careful packing of homes at the Stairway to Heaven points to a methodical retreat, not a plague or war, as well as another riddle. The whole ancient Maya way of life centered on ritual destruction of old homes and goods (smashed bits of pottery underlying the floors of structures serve as one of the handiest dating devices available to archaeologists) as a starting point for building anything new.
The ruins at Kiuic are approximately 200 north of those at Tikal.

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