Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ron Zacapa

If you are traveling to Guatemala, be sure to pick up a bottle of Ron Zacapa for your friends at home.
Ron Zacapa 23 is a beautiful blend of 6- to 23-year-old rum, formulated by Spanish doctor and chemist Alejandro Burgaleta in Guatemala.

Zacapa is produced from virgin sugar cane honey. It is then aged in Guatemala using the Sistema Solera in old bourbon, sherry and Pedro Ximenez barrels. The Sistema Solera is a process also used in the production of sherry, madeira and other wines and spirits.

The process is essentially a rotation of product — rum in this scenario, from younger batches to older barrels. When they pull the rum to bottle from the older barrels, the rum is replaced by younger rum from other barrels. In the end, the master blender chooses rum varying in age to produce the final blend. This unique process is very rarely used in aging rum, giving Ron Zacapa a special place in the premium rum market.

Ron Zacapa Rum has a mahogany appearance with great butterscotch, oak and raisined fruit flavors. The nose is a mix of vanilla and caramel aromas accompanied by a very nutty, toasty and toffeed banana smell.

On the palate, Zacapa has a complex, full-bodied feel in the mouth, more reminiscent of liqueur. In the mouth, raisined fruit and notes of tobacco and leather accompany the flavors of oak, vanilla and cinnamon. Zacapa has a very balanced flavor, allowing for a smooth and pleasant finish.

Although Ron Zacapa 23 can be mixed in any traditional rum cockatails, I enjoy it either neat or on the rocks. Recognized as the “cognac” of rums, I treat this product as I would any fine brandy, scotch or any other sipping spirit.

Ron Zacapa has received numerous accolades over the years, including a gold medal in the premium category at a rum tasting held in Barbados in 1998. It is gaining popularity and recognition across the globe, making the rum industry as well as Guatemalans proud along the way.
 I used to enjoy Flor de CaƱa while I was in El Salvador, but if you have some spare change lying around, Zacapa is the premier choice.

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