Sunday, April 25, 2010

How is this supposed to be a good idea?

From the Latin American Herald Tribune
Prison officials told reporters Saturday that the 45 gangbangers, members of the feared Mara 18 youth gang that rioted in the Fraijanes jail, at some 22 kilometers (14 miles) southeast of the capital, were taken to the Area 18 pre-trial detention facility on the city’s north side.

They said that upon being moved from the maximum-security Fraijanes jail, the inmates freed a guard in that prison, and when taken to the detention facility they released the other agent.

The gang members rioted in the two jails simultaneously as a way of getting themselves moved to the less strict detention facility, where another 365 members of youth gangs are being held.

The authorities, according to delegates of the human rights prosecutor’s office who were the mediators on Friday night, signed an agreement with the inmates to put an end to the riots.

The agreement entailed moving the 45 youth-gang members to the pre-trial detention facility, and they in turn committed themselves to not run extortion networks from jail nor ask their families to bring them illegal objects.

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